Activator jailbrake iPhone app

Although the free Activator app isn’t new to Cydia, it’s definitely worth mentioning for those who haven’t heard of it or are new to jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone. Activator will allow the iPhone user to unlock an unlimited amount of shortcuts on your iPhone, including the iPhone 4S. Now you can initiate functions from anywhere in the iOS operating system, like status bar double taps and home button triple tapping options.

With the activator app, the awesome Proswitcher and Overboard apps can be launched with different gestures, hardware button features and tap options, as well as launch options that include reset, turn off, lock and re-spring shortcuts that you have full functional control over. Activator is also extremely customizable, so when you launch apps with a gesture or command, or set them up in Springboard you can set your iPhone to include numerous slide, motion, volume, power down, re-spring and reboot options, as well as spotlight, sleep button, safe mode functions and several others. this is a very cool and very powerful app. Give it a try:

First, download the Apple Unlocker or one of our other iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking softwares and then follow the simple step by step instructions, after which go to Cydia and install Activator. Enjoy it and let us know what you think of our iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking programs and Activator.